The Principal Truth

The Principal TruthMichael Richmond,  ~  Psalms 27:4
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Contact my office for dates of 1-2 days of training and teaching for groups.  The program calls for at least one large session for everyone and mutliple sessions for guided training.  Training groups are 3-4 hour sessions that train the saints to discover where they are stuck, and how to follow Biblical steps to strengthen areas of weakness.  

After the sessions, there are extended live and recorded sessions offered online for those who want to use the system to improve their walk with God and act as quides to others who find themselves stuck by besetting sins that hinder their personal growth with God.

For those who wish to understand our honest Bible approach, take the time to read one or more of the books now available.  There is no ulterior motive than to help other believers overcome the weaknesses in their life, discover the power of the Holy Spirit, and to overcome the common problems that hinder our walk with God.

We also host two-day sessions in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area when there are groups of twenty or more who commit to attend.