The Need for a Starting point

What is Truth?Several years ago, I asked the same question as Pilate who had a momentous encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. In a very ugly set of circumstances, Pilate was asked to render a judgment on the Jesus as a civil authority. He asked a question of Jesus based on the accusations of the chief priest and Pharisees for which Jesus answered truthfully that He was born to be king, and adds this at the end of the statement. "Everyone that is of the truth, heareth my voice"

The Principle Truth Study Series

Three Parts of the Inner ManWe are developing The Principal Truth Study Series based using a focused study on the other side of our our being.  A simple review of key Scripture will reveal that there are two major division of our person.  There is the all-too-obvious Outer Man meaning the corporeal or physical part that we can easily detect, measure, and study.  The is the non-physical side of man called the Inner Man or Hidden Man that is far difficult to detect, measure, and study.

The Principal Truth Book Series

The Book of AdamThe Principal Truth is rolling out a series of books that are entertaining as well as part of the general teaching process.  We invite you to watch this series grow over the next few months.  Apart from The Principal Truth Study series, we all need a break that restores our minds and facilitates the practical side of learning.

  • Biblical Retelling of Great Bible Characters
  • The Society of Nescient Series

​This is an exciting and labor-intensive process as much of the writing process was typed on paper and needed to be formatted for digital publication.  We are reviewing the materials, proofing each page, and setting up the material for a digital market.  The Book of Adam will be the first book out, and then the rest will follow on a one per month cycle.