Which is the Real You? Spirit, Soul, or Body

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The anatomy of a person is far more than the physical makeup. The immaterial side that makes up the "Real You" is amazing. We have heard of the Spirit, Soul and Mind; but where are they and what do they do? Matthew 22:37 offers the simplest demarkation of these three segments of our hidden man. This remarkable teaching is mirrored in Duet 6:5; 10:12

The Heart is your "Value System" that is constant reformation. The Soul is your personality made of eight faculties including the Flesh and the Spirit and six other areas that can be matured or ruined. The Mind is what I call the territories of our lives that we either cultivate or let grow wild. When we understand your immaterial makeup, we have new tools to grow as a person that can influence our lives with the love of God shown in the Word and His Son, Jesus.

The importance of this study is found in an extraordinary preface by Jesus Christ. Matthew 22:36 asks "Which is the greatest commandment?" In face, once we hear the reply, Jesus repeats in v 38, "This is the first and greatest commandment", and I contend that we have never delved into the full understanding but have assumed that this simply refers to the depth of our piety or intensity. There is so much more that we have found on this subject, that I have chosen to make this information available online.

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Solving the Flaws in Your Life

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We all struggle with flaws, failures, and wounds. Once you understand that you can diagnose and heal yourself in a simple pattern, there is healing and growth for everyone. Small or large, the flaws we struggle with are like a wound that can be repaired ... if you know how. You didn't get to where you are today in a day, and the process of healing will not happen in a day either. Fortunately, you can start where you are and fix the problems where it counts. You see, many of the best solutions may not solve the problems in the world, but will enable you to defeat their threats.

You may recall that Jesus had some horrible enemies and serious challenges. Sometimes, these can be changed; but more often Jesus handled His threats wisely. Wisdom, you will find, is a skill that evolves from good knowledge that we skillfully apply.

Imagine, then, that you could look within as though you had a x-ray machine to see the condition of your Heart, Soul, or Mind. The fact is that is all starts with the Heart (Proverbs 4:23) in a way that will surprise you. With simple steps starting at the Heart, you can develop any faculty of the Soul much like a body builder develops each muscle area of the body.

Everything that I hope to show you starts with two incredible verses at the foundation. They are Matt 22:36 and Prov 4:23, which attest within their own words to be the comprehensive core of the "Issues of Life".

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