What is the Soul?

The Soul of ManThough the soul of man is mentioned many times in the Bible, there is more to it than a good guess.  We are told that the Word of God can DIVIDE between the and spirit.  Did you even know that these are two distinct but closely related things?  The Soul is what I call a SYSTEM because it has several parts as we are complex people in a complex world.

The Spirit is one of the FACULTIES of the Soul.  You may wonder how a peron can operate without an enlivened spirit.  Well, you will soon discover that there are eight faculties in the Soul that can be malfunctioning until they are healed and brought under control.  While a person is pre-Christ, the faculty of the Spirit is deadened or usless.  Once a person is post-Christ (a believer), God quickens (makes alive) the faculty of the Spirit by sending the Holy Spirit to us.  At this point, we have a new option that can guide the other faculties of the Soul.

There is no claim for absolute accuracy, but this diagram is considered reliable.  At the top, there are two controlling/influencing faculities.  While the faculty of the Spirit is pre-Christ, it is essentially dead (non-responsive) to God's truth and leadership.  This leaves the Flech in control, but society will train and moderate the person and Soul to behave in society's dictates.  Out of control souls are either considered mentally ill, misfits, or criminals.  Consider the demoniac of Gadera in Mark 5:1-20.

When a person is post-Christ as a believer, God quickens the faculty of the Spirit making us alive in Christ and able to operate under a new quiding influence.  Hence, a "Spiritual" person is not perfect, but perfecting (maturing) as they learn to "Walk in the Spirit".

GALATIANS 5:16  " [This] I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh."  

Once made spiritual alive, we need to nuture the Soul.  The food for the Soul starts in the Heart that is now adopting and correcting the Belief System located in the Heart.  The Heart is a system, like the Soul, but has two primary functions.  The Treasury of the Heart is the many beliefs we have adopted, but some are in in error and some good.  The Value System os the heart reviews the beliefs of the heart and prioritizes them according to a new standard ... God's truth found in his Word.

To make the concept of the Soul more clear, think of the Soul as the real you or your PERSONALITY.  When a person dies, the Soul and Spirit depart.  Hopefully, the eternal destinty is to be with God in heaven.  The Spirit is LIFE, but the Soul is your personality.  In eternity, you will still be you, but you will not be encumbered with the physical needs and flaws of the body.