The Treasury of the Heart

Healing the HeartEveryone has two hearts.  One heart is the one beating in your chest to which we assume is also an emotional center of our being.  The other is the Heart that is found as one of three systems in what the Bible calls the Inner Man.  The Heart is the center of all that you believe and hold dear.  This is where love, appreciation, values, and character start.  So, while we all carry on the unquestioned myth that the physical heart is your emotional center, the Heart of the Inner man is the center of all you believe and treasure.

The Heart is a functioning part of you and has great purpose in quality of your life.  Be warned, however, the Heart can be fooled, deceived, and corrupted.  

"The human heartis the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?" Jeremiah 17:9  And the Heart can be pure, loving, and true.  What makes the difference?

that the Heart is is a treasury of beliefs.  If we allow ourselves to be drawn into lies, corrupt idea, lusts, and cheating; we corrupt the Heart which governs the next set of decisions we will make.  Like a very bad diet of sugary drink and junk food, the body will eventually get sick.  The Heart feeds on information.  The volume of information around us is varied and never-ending.  Information is ubiquitous.  Some good, some bad, some useless, some useful, some pleasant, and some unpleasant.

It is the task of the Heart to hunger and seek for truth in a mountain of unfiltered information.  This begs the question of how can we judge the good from the bad.  We will need a measuring rod for comparison, which is the Bible.  You see, God is truth and He is pure truth.  "God is true"  John 3:3 then see John 17:17 "Your Word is truth."

Without a standard for truth, everything is subjective.  This means the discernment of truth is up to you, and you are on your own to figure things out.  

By the way, society is how the natural man sets standards of right and wrong.  Some leader declares the rules and beliefs (Moa, Marx, Aristotle for example) and the rest of us conform.  Our friends can contribute to what we believe is true.  Parents and family can cultivate our early and later beliefs.  Our economic and social position can dictate how we are suppose to live, who we can marry, where we can live, and who we must respect.

So, would you like some help with figuring all this stuff out, or are you just fine on your own.  Those who have been fortunate enough to have had good guidance, some positive influence, and what is called luck may feel you have things "Figured out".  That is until you don't and life crashes in on you. 

I invite you to take my helpful study course on the Heart and learn more about how God intended you to find happiness, success, and truth in life's journey.