What is the Heart of God?

There is only one verse in all of Scripture that tells us that God also has a heart.  That verse is Genesis 6:6 where the sinfulness and wickedness of the pre-flood world was so pervasive and rooted in th people of that time, that God was grieved in His heart.  The rest of the verses about the Heart is how God views our Heart as a measure of our sincerity and obedience to Him.  Since man was more than an animated body, a little study will reveal the spiritual makeup of a man has a Heart, Soul, and Mind that are not the same as the anatomic side of our being.

We see references to the mind of God and heart of God, so it is no leap of logic to see the Creator and creation are designed for a relationship on several levels.

The Heart's primary function is to produce faith which is forms the many beliefs of our Belief System.  And, God is very interested in what we are passionate at every step of this lifestyle process, God want to be Lord.  That is why Jesus told the doubting scribe that the greatest commandment was "to love the Lord, thy God, with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind in Matthews 22:37.

This concept was first stated in Deuteronomy 6:5; 13:3, and 28:47.  So the fifth book of the Bible (one The Five Books of the Law) made this a ageless standard.  

We find the same phrase in Joshua 24:23

To anyone interested in their relationship with God, it seems so very important to start where God tells us to start.  It is the FIRST COMMANDMENT is Exodus 20 is actually to worship only Jehovah God, but Deuteronomy 5 expands the terms of Exodus 20 .  Deuteronomy 6:5 expands the the first commandment as more than just obedience to a set of rule, but as an expression of love that happens in the Heart, Soul, and Mind.

This is the core of everything we teach at The Principal Truth.  There are core teachings that seem to serve as the foundation for so much more about the Christian life.  While we struggle to solve our issues, mistakes, and failure; there are ways to make the crooked path straight which is more than a reference to someone else that we might deem worse than ourselves.  Making straight the path is yet another important topic to study, and we invite you to join us.

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