What Happens After Death?

What happens after death is a matter of pure speculation by any mortal.  What happens after death is not unknown to God.  If there is an eternity or life after death, we have only a few sources to consider.  The fist of which is simple cessation of existence.  Life is a one-time event, then nothing.  What as apparent waste of life and human achievement that every man end up in the heap of meaningless things.

Then there is the recycle theory of some religions that believes that we will have an endless rerun of our lives.  Yet, there is no proof of this idea of multiple lives.  The Bible clearly states that "It is appointed unto man once to die, then the judgement."  (Hebrews 9:27)  Though a popular Hindu belief, there is no reliable proof of reincarnation.  Such a belief seems only to postpone the issue of death and accountability.

If we believe in God, eternity, and heaven; then there are questions that should be resolved.  The first of which is what happens at death?  It is at this point that the body ceases to function and the lifeforce (spirit) and Soul depart from the body.  Death is understood, not as cessation, but separation.

After the Spirit and Soul departs, Jesus has prepared a new body or home for our Soul.  (John 14:3)  This is not the guesswork of mankind, but the promise of Jesus Christ who was God incarnate among us.  From the Old Testament time, through the life of Christ, in the pages of the Bible, and seen in the visible ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven; we are confident that there is a greater life and a better existence for those who belong to God's family.

If you have followed this blog, you know that the Soul is the real you or your full person.  Your Soul is eternal and lives on after the separation from the body.  And, it should be the hope of everyone to inherit the greatest life we could ever know.  The Soul, however, is imperfect yet.  We are imperfect people who are not prepared for a perfect heaven.

To solve the sin problem that we could not, Jesus paid the price for sin on the cross for us.  He took on our liabilities and paid the price by sacrificing a perfect life on our behalf.  The door was open to heaven, but there is one final requirement to this offer of heaven.  It is that we become a member of God's family by accepting the payment on our behalf.

We can refuse a gift if we are closed to the giver of the gift.  We can not cash a check if we prefer.  We can refuse to eat a meal prepared for us if we choose.  And we can ignore the gift of salvation if we reject the offer.  An offer is meaningless unless there is an agreement.  

For those who have entered God's family, heaven is your home.  There is a place for your Soul to dwell because He has prepared a home for you.  

What happens after death?  It is going home or entering the place for the lost.  Your Soul will live forever  ... somewhere.

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