TPT Character Series

We are Working hard to get other Important Books out to Everyone.  The early writings require work to get them digitized, edited, proofed, and published.  We strongly feel that there is merit in the TPT Character Series as they are both entertaining, Scripturally sound, and carry out the teachings in a story. 

Biblical Characters:  I love these books and frankly, I enjoy reading them again as they bring so much extra impact to what is in the Scripture.  In each book, my goal is to faithfully expand the stories.  In many cases, hundreds of years of history are packed into just a few chapters.  I see real stories buried in just phrases, like "every man did what was right in their own eyes."  

  • The Book of Adam:  Adam lived 930 years to see the days of Noah, the last Patriarch.  The story of Adam is simply amazing as two distinct lines emerged and populations exploded in that part of the world.  The contest was as real as it is today.  Would men follow truth or a lie?  This was the pre-deluvian world where dinosaurs lived that would be destroyed in the flood.  This was the age of giants and those who sought to find power without God.   Finished & Now in Editing stage - Will be published in April of 2021
  • Nimrod: Nimrod is the story of Babel that wraps history and other information into the Biblical story.  A very interesting and powerful story of mankind's struggle with oppressive religion.  Finished & next for editing - Should be out in June of 2021
  • Abraham:  Few stories are as powerful as the story of Abraham.  There is so much more color and emotion in the story of Abram before God, and Abraham after meeting God.  His journey's, conflicts, failures, and successes are worthy of consideration.  Finished in need of editing
  • Jonah: Though the timeframe of Jonah is hard to place, his story is nothing short of an adventure rivalling the Grecian tales.  The difference is that Jonah was real and poignant.   Finished in need of editing
  • Peleg:  Imagine being the person who literally saw the continents of the world separate in his lifetime lasting 239 years.  Just 101 years after the great flood of Noah, a world changing event happened mentioned in just one verse.  Finished in need of editing


Illustrative Character Series:

  • The Society of Nescience:  Finished in need of editing
  • Society's Child:  Finished in need of editing
  • An Ethical Society:  Finished in need of editing

As you can see, the volume of work is immense.  Originally written on a typewriter, my task is to digitize this material, revise it, get it edited, proofed, and published.  This project is worthy of your support as the material is so important to Biblical understanding and integrity.  We are trying to raise $10,000 to hire the essential people to accomplish this task.  Please contribute to this effort.