The Free Will of Man

The Healing of the HeartThe free will of man is a constant mystery.  On one hand we see an all-powerful and infinite God who dwells in eternity.  Then, there is somewhat-gifted, finite man who dwells in the constraints of time.  The quantum span between God and man is impossible to explain or appreciate.  The connection is that God created man and the world in which we live.  The one thing we can deduce from the investment God has made in mankind is that He does not desire to exist in the abundance of His glory and provision.  Twice, God has created beings to can share in His amazing resources.

In the book, The Story of Adam, I have recounted what is known as the Genesis Gap found in Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.  Scholars have debated these verses as there is an amazing story to be told when compared to other related Scripture.  In short, it is believed that there was a Garden of Eden prior to the time of Adam and Eve.  There is no timeline, but the span could be hundreds or thousands of years that a very different type of Eden existed.

This would be the first time we learn of an early creation and various angelic beings.  After the earth was created, a very different world existed.  Instead of vegetation, the earth and garden was adorned with jewels, minerals, and such as created a stunningly beautiful world.  

The first created beings were angels, who also were allowed free will.  Though in an amazing world of beauty and perfection, God did not create unthinking or controlled beings who had not choice but enforced obedience.  God has a will, and He wanted His creation to have the opportunity to enjoy His blessing or literally reject them.  Such is the nature of possessing a will.  It is the ability to make a choice, even a bad choice.

In this pre-Adam world, Lucifer was so impressed with his beauty and power that he decided to rebel against God leading one-third of the angels with him.  The rebellion failed miserably, and Satan and the demons were thereafter sealed in their doom.

After a length of time, the now destroyed world was recreated for man as a lush garden of plants.  The next creation was man, Adam and Even live in perfection and needed nothings.  Though deceived by Satan's lie, Adam and Eve also chose the wrong course.  Free will is not always such a wonderful virtue.  But, unlike the angels that fell, God has opened the door to redemption.  

Free choice brought sin into this world, and we have more than the mistakes of Adam and Eve to condemn us.  But, another decision has been opened to all mankind.  A second chance for redemption was given in the person of Jesus Christ.  The law states that "without the shedding of blood, there is no remission for sin."  Until Jesus' sacrifice, the blood of sheep, goats, and bulls provided temporary covering.  When Jesus died on the cross for our sins, the entrance price was paid.

The offer has been made.  The price of sin has been paid.  All that remains is for anyone to DECIDE to accept the offer of salvation in the person of Christ.  

Free will not only provides a path of departure from God, but also can be a path of return.  The decision to accept Jesus Christ and the payment for sin on the cross made for us is the best choice anyone can make.