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We are presently in the development of materials stage, and the initial need is to pay for professional editors to review books, articles, and materials. My strength is in study and teaching, not editing. I know that the finished product needs the help of great editors who can assure that the material is as good as the information.

So, I could use your help to pay for thousands of dollars in editing, composition, and publication. We are also starting the marketing of this program so there is an impact for all the work already done. So, your gifts will be used to make all this happen.

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Ministry Overview

My program is a teaching ministry of core principals that has a practical Biblical core. My gift is not in counseling, but in clearly explaining the critical issues that impact our lives. The key is making Biblical concepts easy to follow and apply.

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Available for events and seminars. We prefer a two-day opportunity to lay the foundations in place. Helpful information for counselors who desire a Biblical foundation for curative treatments.

Address: Chicago, USA
Telephone: (815) 272-1653
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