Which is the Real You? Spirit, Soul, or Body

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Years of Bible reading did not prepare me for what is extraordinarily condensed into the book of Genesis. Like trying to appreciate a movie trailer that throws a twenty snippets in 30 seconds, we miss a lot. The pre-diluvian world does have other supportive information beyond the Bible as ancient stories were passed down by word of mouth. These extra sources add potential glimpses into this world are frankly questionable. So, the non-canonical books cannot be taken as reliable, but they can be helpful to unravel the mysteries spoken of in the Biblical test.

The reconstruction of the Story of Adam expands the Biblical story while staying true to the text. The reality is that the pre-diluvian world was more than a few characters roaming about in the mountains and deserts. Great nations, tribes, and characters rose and fell as the challenge of faith was tested among men

In these amazing days, we hear of the behemoth dinosaurs, giants, angelic (good and fallen) activities, a worldwide flood, and a test of the ability of men to choose the right path. We read of the creation of earth, the fall of Lucifer, and the great flood as the character of man to determine the right choice was permitted to run its course. Was it possible for man to "Do the Right Thing" when this path is governed by their own choices?

Within the Story of Adam, an important fact is proven. Left to himself, does mankind evolve to goodness, but devolve to coarseness? The growth of nations, tribes, and leaders brought about society, which are man's best and worse expressions. Two clear choices were given; great leaders, called patriarchs, were standing for God and man's relation with the Creator. Yet, the world composed of millions and millions seemed to careen in fragmented ways under ungodly leaders at this time.

Without the book of Genesis, we may not have the answer whether man, or this world, could have saved itself or followed a course that was not bent toward its own destruction. Genesis ends in society's defeat, but opens the door for God to show a door of grace leading to the cross of Christ. I hope you will enjoy the Story of Adam as creative fiction intended to bring color and value to this epoch of human history.

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