As a Man Thinks in His Heart

Over the years, I have become a "Heart Specialist".  I did not go to medical school and did not earn a doctorate in cardiology.  I didn't need that to become a Heart specialist for the Inner Man.  You see, we all have two hearts.  There is one that resides in your chest and pumps blood through the body.  There is also one that reside in the Inner Man and pumps faith through your Inner Man.  So, my specialty is about the spiritual Heart that is vital to the production of faith in a person.

It is altogether foolish to think of the physical heart as the seat of our emotions.  There is no capacity of the heart to product any emotions, much less love or fath.  The physical heart is a dual chambered organ that pumps blood.  There is no emotional or rational component within the heart that controls the behavior of a man.

A study of the Heart within the Inner Man will reveal that the Heart is the concerned with collecting knowledge, evaluating the truth content, and producing faith that governs our life.  The constant interest in truth is something we all possess.  We are always interested in finding out something that helps us better our lives.  This is the desire of the Heart to find and collect truths.  This is why we become interested in any information.  If we see value in some information, our interest is aroused.

The pursuit of the Heart is to find truth in a truth-compromised world.  This is where the challenge to success in live and as a Christian starts.  Not everything we hear or initially accept as truth proves out to be true.  If the production of faith is is to the truth we receive, then faith can be compromised or faulty as well.

The acceptance or adoption of truth happens daily.  We are awash with all kinds of information.  We reject or ignore many ideas that we may encounter, but we also allow conditional truths to enter the Heart for further consideration.  When we have assessed and valuated the conditional truths, some are tossed out of the Heart and some are kept.  In the end, the Heart is building a Belief System that is the governance of our lives.

Governance:  The act or process of governing or overseeing the control and direction of something (such as a country or an organization) 

Therefore, we find a verse like Proverb 23:7 that says, "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."  The quality of the Belief System will eventually dictate whatever follows.  Where through good times or bad times, we know that how we handle these events test what we believe.

The power to govern is the power to change, improve, and correct how well we handle things.  So, when you improve your Belief System, your life will improve regardless of the circumstance that may take longer to resolve.

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