TPT Seminars

Reaching people who want to grow in Christ and understand the fundamantal steps fo Christian growth requires that I maximize my time by teaching in groups.  Frankly, I am not a counselor.  I am a teacher and Bible student who has worked through my personal challenges to find that the Bible is far more instructive and helpful than we could imagine.

We invite pastors, church staff, and average people to attend our two-day seminars when they are offered.  The difficulty is getting people two agree to a time to visit the Ft. Lauderdale area.  So, we ask that you use the contact page to let me know of your interest.  I will then supply a list of dates when we can offer the classes to a group of modest size.

The two-days are morning and afternoon sessions tht leave the evening free for group or individual events.  

We provide a workbook for everyone to follow.  Michael Richmond will lead these events with interwoved videos that are organized to take each attendee through a journey of Biblical study that has very real application to the Christian walk.  The extent of the training is partially demonstrated by the information found on this website.

The core teachings are:

  • The Healing of the Hearts
    • The Operations of the Heart
    • The Development of Faith and the Belief System
    • How Faith drives Everything in Life
  • The Healing of the Soul
    • The Faculties of the Heart
    • The Role of the Spirit
    • Dealing with Soul Problems
    • How to Walk in the Spirit
  • The Healing of the Mind
    • The Territory of the Mind
    • The Seeds of the Harvest
    • Changing the Harvest
    • Breaking Down Strongholds
  • How to get Unstuck in your Walk with God
    • Diagnosing the core issue
    • Rebuilding your Belief System
    • Reprogramming Your Mind

This program has no denominational implications.  I believe that everyone has besetting sins or issues that they struggle toovercome for years.  The ability to isolate these issues and apply the a faith-driven solution should not be a mystery.  There are very clear steps given to us to follow when we are stuck in our Christian progress.  This seminar is about self-discovery and vicotry at levels you could not achieve before.  In the end, each person will find that the barriers to their relationships will improves, including the most important relationship of all with God.