The Principal Truth Book Series

The Book of AdamThe Principal Truth is rolling out a series of books that are entertaining as well as part of the general teaching process.  We invite you to watch this series grow over the next few months.

Biblical Retelling of Great Bible Characters

  • The Story of Adam
  • The Story of Nimrod
  • The Story of Noah
  • The Story of Abraham

The Society of Nescience Series

  • The Society of Nescience
  • Society's Child
  • An Ethical Society

We are in the process of releasing these books as they are available for publishing.  Each book requires a lot of preparation and will be offered on a digital format.

Thanks for your support.  With all the work going in place, every dollar counts.  For a gift of $100, we will send automatically send each book as they are published.  We appreciate those who could go the extra mile with an even larger gift.