The Need for a Starting point

Several years ago, I asked the same question as Pilate who had a momentous encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. In a very ugly set of circumstances, Pilate was asked to render a judgment on the Jesus as a civil authority. He asked a question of Jesus based on the accusations of the chief priest and Pharisees for which Jesus answered truthfully that He was born to be king, and adds this at the end of the statement. "Everyone that is of the truth, heareth my voice"

What is Truth?

To which Pilate asked, "What is Truth?"

It is easy to shorten this story by affirming that God is truth and the Bible is the truth given to mankind. By looking deeper, we will find that there is a process within the Inner Man that operates on truth much like the physical body is sustained by food.

The Inner Man has three revealed systems when Jesus explained the Greatest Commandment in Matthew 22:36-37. They are the Heart, Soul, and Mind which are complete systems that can only mature, heal, or fully operate when it is feeding on the truth instead of lies, including comfortable lies.  

As a starting point and a reference to those who want to start at the beginning, Matthew 22:36-37 and Proverb 4: 4-7 where we read that "Wisdom is the Principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all the getting get understanding".  This ties to the 23rd verse where we read, "Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the ISSUES OF LIFE."  

This quick summary leads us to ask how can we keep our Heart and pursue the Principal thing, called wisdom.  It may seem odd the The Principal truth is said to be "Wisdom".  Wisdom is the capstone of the best of truth we can attain.  It doesn't just happen.  It is literally an enlightenment that develops from the information and experiences of life.  James 1:15 tells those who lack wisdom, and we all lack the daily infusion of wisdom we need, to ask God and it will be given.  Just know that wisdom is a the enlightenment of the person that congeals the truths we have collected.

There is so much more to the basics of how we are to live.  I recommend you join me on a journey to wisdom by delving into The Principal Truth training series.  LINK