TPT Training Series

For easy reference, I have organized some critical definitions and charts here:

Enmity: To be a foe, adversary, nemesis of another; Biblically to stand against God when the real issues of life are decided.

Inner Man: Refers to the non-physical part of man

  1. Heart - The Heart is the core of our Belief System.  There are two processes attributed to the Heart
    1. The Treasury
    2. The Value System (aka Throne)
  2. Soul  -  We find eight parts (faculties) of the soul that provide capability to function in life at a non-physical level.  
    1. Spirit and Flesh
    2. Volition and Emotion
    3. Intuition and Conscience
    4. Future and Past
  3. Mind: We view the mind as a territory that is unruly and constantly adjusting.  The mind is the outgrowth of the Heart and Soul making it the last area of conquest.

Outer Man: Refers the the corporeal or physical operation of a body to deal with the physical world.

  • Non-operational without the soul
  • Alive in operation but dead spiritual without the gift of God's spirit at slvation)

Peace: The cessation of hostilities replaced by friedndhsip and cooperation instead of hatred and destruction.

Society: The everyday human interface with the world system which imposes a non-spiritual value system upon people through training, threat, and promise of rewards.

Walk: The outward expression of the inward persuasion of the Heart showing a pattern of life or lifestyle governed by a set of beliefs.

Wisdom is the culmination of a process.  The steps are:

  1. Hearing ot Truth
  2. Having knowlegde (knowing a fact)
  3. Understanding is greater comprehension through experience
  4. Wisdom: Application of experiences to various new experiences