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The basic building blocks of man are in three parts. they are body, soul, and Spirit. God said, "Let Us make man in Our image". And the plural us of the collective pronoun refers to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Three person united as one. So, while we are one being, we also have three distinct parts.

Your doctor knows each and every part of your body and how they are supposed to work. Few people indeed have endeavored to determine the various parts of man. Yet, haven't we recognized these immaterial parts even though we have never developed the anatomy of the Inner Man?

For the normally observant person, we know there is a memory, volition, conscience, emotions, intuition, and imagination. A lesser appreciation is the desires and appetites, which I feel lead into the influences of Flesh and Spirit.

So, as a starting point, I suggest that the Soul has eight faculties that we can manage. I do not say this dogmatically, but I see these eight areas noted in the Bible and also delineated by the secular world. So, I am confident that these are real faculties, and each of these are immaterial. So, I believe that these eight faculties are part of every person (like it or not), and the combination make you a distinct person much like your external features make you distinct in society.

The Inner Man

We are more than a Soul as the Bible refers to our "Inner Man". There are larger segments to the immaterial makeup of man. The natural body has "Systems" like the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, bring and nerves, and digestive systems. So, it is reasonable to consider that God used systems for our Inner Man. They are your Heart, your Soul, and your Mind. Each of these can be studied from a secular and a Scriptural viewpoint.

The Function of the Heart

To help with the orientation, there is another part of your immaterial makeup clearly taught in Scripture, and that is the Heart. (I use a capital to distinguish these key parts throughout my materials). The Heart and Soul is also closely connected to the Soul, so I diagram it in the center, which seems entirely appropriate. The Heart is connected to the Soul, but distinct in function. The immaterial heart is an intake processing faculty that we constantly use to determine what we believe and what we value the worth of the information.

The Mind

The Mind is where all we believe and all we have trained for is put to the realities of life. We can see it as our interface with others as relationships. We can have relationships with people, events, organizations, time, and things. If you are dieting, your are interfacing with how you manage food. If you are arguing with your spouse, you are related to that other person from your point of view.

So, the Mind is where what we believe is put to the test, tested for durability, and viewed by others to understand who your are and how you operate.

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My program is a teaching ministry of core principals that has a practical Biblical core. My gift is not in counseling, but in clearly explaining the critical issues that impact our lives. The key is making Biblical concepts easy to follow and apply.

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