Life Choices I


PRINCIPAL:  adj. First, highest, or foremost in importnce, rank, worth, or degree; chief - n.1.  One who hold a position of presiding rank, esp. the head of an elementary school or high school.  2.  A main participant in a given situation.  3. A person having a leadin or starring role.  4. a. The captial or main body of an estate or financial holding as distinguished from the interest or revenue from it. b. The person having prime responsibility for an obligation as distinguished from one who acts as surety or as an endorser.  c. One ho commits or is an accomplish to a crome.  6. The main truss or rater that supports and gives form to the roof.

THE PRINCIPAL TRUTH is the founding truth of any subject that constitutes its righteous character.  When the "sundry: is reduced to the "principal, we reach the truth of the thing.  The truth is the cure for the maladies brought into our lives by error; therefore, The Principal Truth, when applied to a probem, will bring the curing solution to those issues arising from the Heart and Soul of man.

ADMISSION: I am not a psychologist, counselor, or self-promoter.  My gift is one of a teacher which means I have the ability to make the complex more easily understood.  In that this study have been my personal journey and has been an extensive resource of actual Biblical teachings, it is likely to be viewed as a textbook of sorts for those who struggle with personal growth and intrusive misinformation.

There is a lot to learn as it has taken years to assemble many verses into textbook logic.  The Bible is not a textbook, but a collection of thousands of teachings, stories, and historical facts.  In order to research a particular subject, we must assemble related teachings to see the full picture.  The four Gospels give us the perspective of four disciples of Christ that require comparison to see the life of Christ in its breadth.