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Proverb 4:23 must rank as one of the most overlooked, yet immensely important, verses of the Bible. The whole chapter is an admonition to pay attention to critical counsel. One verse stands out to me above all the rest. The "Issues of Life", if we take this versus as factual, start in the Heart. Interesting?

But, what do we know about the Heart of the Inner Man? Well, almost nothing if you ask people. Some will say it is the seat of our emotions, which is not Biblical taught. What we find in the actual test is that there are two operation for the Heart. Our truest beliefs are developed and processed in the Heart. The Heart therefore functions as the "Treasury" for all that we truly believe.

Proverbs 3:3 tells us that there is something called the "Tablets of our Heart" where we write things that we feel are important to our lives. See also: Prov 7:3 and Jer 17:1. If we take this concept as a factual statement, it seems that our "Belief System" is part of the operation of the Heart, and it is is constantly being adjusted based on information we receive.

In the New Testament, the Heart is also called our "Treasury" or where we keep our treasures. Let's call them our values in the more modern terminology. So, I tend to see the Treasury as a big pile of beliefs we hold. John 6:45 and Matthew 12:35 states this very clearly as Jesus taught His followers about dealing with the issues of life.

Influence on Our Lives

Stepping further into this idea is Luke 44-45 where we see that the fruit of our lives are linked to what we have stored within our Hearts. To be very frank, the Heart can be polluted and perverted, and it can be pure and

The Function of the Heart

To help with the orientation, there is another part of your immaterial makeup clearly taught in Scripture, and that is the Heart. (I use a capital to distinguish these key parts throughout my materials). The Heart and Soul is also closely connected to the Soul, so I diagram it in the center, which seems entirely appropriate. The Heart is connected to the Soul, but distinct in function. The immaterial heart is an intake processing faculty that we constantly use to determine what we believe and what we value the worth of the information.

So, what we can discover is that there are two operations in the Heart of the Inner Man. The Tablets of the Heart and the Treasury, and there is more to know as we read about these operations. The tablets are what we put or allow into our critical values. The Treasury is the reservoir of all we have adopted. So, we have a fundamental way to manage our way in life based on what we believe.

The Issue of Life

Now, try to understand that the Heart is a kind of open door for all sorts of information. We see, hear, and experience a vast amount of information, and we have to determine what we will value as good and bad, and whether we will adopt these precepts as a control for our actions. Hence, the Prov 4:23 verse takes on a more profound meaning. The Heart is the tiller that we can control, but no one controls the weather we may encounter.

The study of the Heart is a wonderful, empowering, and critical opportunity that has been there all along. Many skilled teachers have touched on these ideas, but there is so much more to be found in a direct study regarding how we function in life as physical and spiritual beings. I invite you to share in the journey.

"Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life." Proverbs 4:23

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