A Change of Heart

In common terms, a change of heart is a little more than a change of mind.  Not really.  A change of mind is more of a learning experience where we discovered new information that enlightened us or proved a point.  It doesn't mean that we liked the new idea, but that we were see a thing in a new light.  In Bible terms, this might be metanoia (noia = mind), which is a word used for repentance.

In fact, you may not even like the new change.  A diet is a mental, not emotional, decision.  Liking a diet program may occur later, but initially, we decide to do something we do not like because we know this is a smart decision.  

A change of heart is more about how we feel about a thing or idea.  The Greek word is "epistrepho" is a word for turning, returning, or conversion.  This reminds us of the invitation to return to your "first love."  And, this word if often tied to a form of love.

The subtle difference is that we can change our mind about something, but not like it.  Or, we can learn to love what we now embrace.  Both are very real approaches to how we change.  Both are easily understood since we have already experienced these transitions many times.

We can "lead with our mind" in making a decision, or we can "lead with our heart".  There are vulnerabilities to single-sided decisions to change.  If we make a metanoia decision, it is not generally as durable as an epistrepho decision.

Conversely, an epistrepho decision can be heart-felt and sincerely, but may be poorly thought through.  This leads to decisions that we regret if the program does not work out as well as might have been hoped.

Honestly, it is best when the Mind and Heart are in sync for decisions.  It is then that we have both the passion for the decision and a strong reason that the decision will not fail.  

In the TPT program is a teaching program that starts with the fundamentals of the person God made us.  We learn how the real you functions in our world and with God.  This is because we literally operate on two planes of existence.  We have the physical plane and the non-physical plane.

Our program is not overly concerned about the physical plane.  We all have similar skills to operate in the external world.  

My interest is in the non-physical world, and that is not totally a spiritual concept.  The non-physical world deals in how we think, how we feel, how we react, how we decide, and how we deal with our relationships.  The secular approach deals with the non-physical world, but I would not call them spiritual.  Secularism is a man-orientation to the same issues that a Christian would encounter from a God-oriented point of view.

So my viewpoint is from a God-oriented view of man as I consider God the Creator Who has a lot more information on the subject than our more educated secular philosophers.  

The Heart of man is not the blood-pumping heart in our chest, but one of three systems within the Inner Man or our non-physical being.  The Heart is the early evaluator of what we consider truth and is tasked with developing your Belief System.  Many of these beliefs are initially judged as true, but yet to be tested in real-life experiences.  The Heart is very important to us as it sets the initial path that we expect to follow to success in life.

The Soul is the second system of the Inner Man, and it is here that we PRACTICE or try-out the beliefs that we adopted by the Heart.  The Soul is a kind of short-term experimental arena that is aided by the Holy Spirit to apply the best ideas instead of the flesh-driven option.  

The Mind is the third system of the Inner Man that evaluates the long-term impact of our lives, and gives perspective and real value to the beliefs we hold in our Heart.

While there is much more to be said about the operation of the Inner Man, I am convinced that a Heart and Mind decision will create the mist enduring and more rewarding results.

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