The Principle Truth Study Series

Three Parts of the Inner ManWe are developing The Principal Truth Study Series based using a focused study on the other side of our our being.  A simple review of key Scripture will reveal that there are two major division of our person.  There is the all-too-obvious Outer Man meaning the corporeal or physical part that we can easily detect, measure, and study.  The is the non-physical side of man called the Inner Man or Hidden Man that is far difficult to detect, measure, and study.

There are those who end their study by saying that man is merely an animated being the has a higher level of function than animals.  There are those who understand that the body is more of a host for our being and that being will live on after death.  

As with most types of knowledge, the initial premise must start with a question to be eventually proven right or wrong.  Gathering the evidence will broaden our understanding and can yield far more information than betrayed by the initial question.

If the initial question is "What is Truth?", the next question is how is truth processed?  Information and knowledge are not necessarily truth.  Both can be false, correct, misleading, biased, or a mix of truth and lie.  So, it is not enough to ask the question, but to figure out how we can determine what truth is before we accept it.

There is no anatomical part of us that can determine truth on its own.  We can learn many fact by experience and training, but it seems obvious that we will never comprehend the full measure of truth experimentally.  As amazing as the human brain may be, it is so easily betrayed and mislead. 

Knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are a common theme of the Bible.  And, it follows that God has given use the capacity to refine information into a solid Belief System by the exercise of the Inner Man.  The Inner man is understood from Matthew 22:35-37 as Heart, Soul, and Mind.  No one can detect or measure these three systems of the Inner Man, but we often feel them tugging at us from within.

Just as Pain and pleasure can be felt on one level through the five senses of the body, there is pain and pleasure that is not generated through the senses but through the Heart, Soul, and Mind of the Inner Man.  Our eyes may see the light or day, but our souls can feel the light of the Spirit.  

There is so much more to discover about ourselves that will never to revealed without a study of the real you.  When you figure out how God actually intended us to function, you will find a superior process that will heal your wounds, mature your thoughts, and bless your Soul in amazing ways.

The Principal Truth Study Series