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Bible memorizationIn my early days as a Christian, I started memorizing Scripture.  Back then, I used small cards from the Navigators Society that I could easily carry with me.  This was and still is a good way to memorize Scripture.  In fact, anyone can do this by using 3x5 cards to write down important verses.  

I have wanted to add into The Principal Truth program, Bible memorization, but the cost and distribution was a real problem.

After looking into several Bible Memorization apps, I have found that BibleLocker is absolutely fantastic.  It has everything a person may need to quickly and effectively memorize Scripture verses.  It is the tool that I now use to keep up to the verses that I want to remember.

There are important reasons to memorize Scripture.  One of the reasons is that what we think and consider becomes a guide to our lives.  Our lives are literally shaped by what occupies the meditations of the Heart.  What we focus our minds upon is a force of considerable influence.  Thoughts will turn into intentions, and intentions produce actions to achieve our goals.

In The Healing of the Heart, I discuss the impact of reading and memorizing Scripture as a powerful resource.  However, Bible memorization seems a lost art for most people.  The reason for this is probably because most people to not understand the value and impact of Scripture memorization.

Reading, meditating, and memorizing Scripture has a huge impact on the life and success of anyone.  The process is not an overnight overhaul of your life, but Scripture reading and memorization can and will overhaul your life.  Using the tools given by God effectively are not as simple as trying to read the Bible cover-to-cover.  This is possible, but not the most effective approach.

The best approach is when there is value in the present moment for an applicable verse or passage.  Apart from a general reading schedule, there is great value in getting quality guidance in the midst of your present circumstances.  

The is a danger in being exposed to the Scriptures for more than a few minutes.  If the truth abides with you for very long, it will change you.  That is why Satan's greatest priorities is distraction and sundry information.  If he can get you to forget what you heard, the full impact of God's word will be muted.

Luke 8:5 is the parable of the sower.  We are told that the seed is indeed the Word of God.  When the Word goes forth, there is a message of change at work.  Anyone who has been changed from their lost condition to a believer, an adopted son of the Father, and a citizen of heaven knows that the salvation story of the Christ's sacrifice has changed them.

Satan may not stop the Word of God, but he can mute its power by snatching away the seed before it takes root.  And, it first takes root in your Heart.  When truth enters the Heart, it is eventually turned into what we believe, which is the same as faith.  Faith is belief that is ready to take action.  Faith put to work creates change, improvements, maturity, and advancement of the cause.

Even unbelievers know the power of unbridled belief.  Motivation and sales training seminars teach people to see (envision) the end of their hopes and beliefs.  These success-driven groups assert the power of belief or "The vision of success".  Guess what?  It works even in secular applications.  Faith the is more than a moment's hope can change lives, change the course of your future, and solve unsolvable problems.

Secular faith however is imperfect faith.  It will not work for all as it works for some because such faith is selfish and not 100% truth.  Yes, we know that putting money in the stock market will allow it to grow.  But, you can also lose money, make bad choices, or make only a token profit.

God's works every time for every one.  What we cannot predict is when and how the profit will happen.  

Every great breakthrough started as an idea.  The success of the idea was in the quality of the truth it is built upon and the endurance of the vision.  Bible memorization prevents truth from offering only a moment's duration.  If the Word finds good soil and takes root, the results are always good.

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