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I am posting a series of articles intended to walk the reader into the more developed concepts of this material. These articles are not extensive or annotated as the training materials. However, the idea is to allow anyone to get a perspective on what I feel is an amazing journey of self discovery. When you understand how your Inner Man operates, the opportunity to make changes are easier to install.

To become a better, more accomplished person who moves in Agreement with God; the process must be known to us. Truth, in and of itself, can be like water on a rock or seed on hard soil. Knowing how to take it in, make it work, and apply it is much like a learned skill that you have not possessed before. If possible, I hope to illuminate the path for truth to be flow from a sound heart, to develop a mature Soul, and to healthy mind in a world that isn't easy to master.

Article One - Made like God - The Triune Man

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My program is a teaching ministry of core principals that has a practical Biblical core. My gift is not in counseling, but in clearly explaining the critical issues that impact our lives. The key is making Biblical concepts easy to follow and apply.

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Available for events and seminars. We prefer a two-day opportunity to lay the foundations in place. Helpful information for counselors who desire a Biblical foundation for curative treatments.

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