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To delve into the core of spirituality takes time and extraordinary insight. I never thought that this would be my journey since I considered myself pretty normal and happy in life. But, life takes each of us through some tough times and odd places. And it seems that these are the points where we either expand or shrink as a person.

I earned a B.Re from a great Bible college, and I then earned my Masters of Administration from another Bible College. I spend more than twenty years pastoring in three churches. Yet, it wasn't until I had later that I was provided the time and opportunity to explore the core issues I came to face.

What I learned away from the routine of three sermons a week, literally allowed me to understand what makes us tick from a spiritual aspect. We use terms like spirit, soul, and mind; but no one has a clear definition of what they are. And, they do not understand how they function. Those who work on our bodies know each part and what it does. That is how they know when there is a problem and how to fix it.

The Mission

The Bible is not a book of science where things are logically connected. It is not a magazine that is easy to read. It is a compendium of genus that has been distributed in such a fashion to reward those who will dig in. So, without claims of any genius, I began my four year study that took me through an incredible journey of discovery.

It started with a basic question, "What is truth?" But, rather than accepting the Bible as truth, I wanted to understand how truth applies in our lives and how the world has adopted truth in its own way.

Truth, I found, enters at the Heart where we process it. Second, that processed truth passes over to the Soul where were act upon it. Finally, the truth we apply has an impact on our Mind. So, it may now make a little more sense where we hear Jesus say that we must love the Lord with a Heart, Soul, and Mind. If we could learn the process, any life can be healed or improved.

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My program is a teaching ministry of core principals that has a practical Biblical core. My gift is not in counseling, but in clearly explaining the critical issues that impact our lives. The key is making Biblical concepts easy to follow and apply.

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Available for events and seminars. We prefer a two-day opportunity to lay the foundations in place. Helpful information for counselors who desire a Biblical foundation for curative treatments.

Address: Chicago, USA
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