About The Principal Truth Ministry

After earning a B. Re. in Bible college, a M.A.. from a Biblically-sound seminary, and twenty years as pastor; I realized that I was glad for the experience but not suited for the church pastoral routine.  I am told that twenty years of pastoral service is actually well above average.  I was given the opportunity to start my own businesses that were successes sometimes and not so successful at other time.  Life, as we all know, can be a bumpy ride.  And it was during the bumpy and odd times that I asked one fundamental question.  It was Pilate's question when he confronted Jesus Christ. 

"What is truth?"  I knew in my head and heart, that God was truth, and His Word is God's truth to mankind.  Was that the satisfying answer I needed?  Not really.  How does truth work.  Particularly, how does truth work in me to produce a meaningful Christian experience.

I find that the subject of spiritually and Christian growth is a kind of "Mash Up" of the many teachings on the subject.  Rather than learning about how truth works and spirituality is accomplished, we are exhorted and extolled of its value without the nuts and bolts of what to do.

With a Biblical education, I dug into a study of the like I could not find anywhere else.  There was no goal to invent a novel concept or promote my opinion.  I wanted to bring to the fore what truths were already found in piecemeal fashion within the Bible.  This has taken years because my early efforts we postponed as life happened.  I returned several times to refine the study and dig deeper.  

Some twenty years after the original question, the first three books congealed.  The TPT Healing series was not about healing of the body, but the healing of the Inner Man and the discovery of true spirituality without the mash up I found elsewhere.

As these books are now in the process of final edits and publication, the ultimate goal is to create an informal training center that allows anyone to self-study online, visit planned training sessions, and event become a TPT coach to others.  The purpose the TPT concept is not counseling in the traditional fashion, but to promote spiritual growth that has healing to the Inner Man.